Deltran Smart Lithium
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Deltran Lithium Smart Batteries with BMS




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Deltran Lithium Smart Batteries with BMS

Battery Tender by Deltran has launched a new generation of lithium batteries with BMS – a smart battery management system that monitors, optimizes and protects the battery. The BMS system will shut the battery off for protection if it is over charged or discharged, short circuited, overheated, or gets too cold. A one push reset button on the charge cable will wake the battery, ready for use again. The new batteries still feature the quad terminal configuration, but the physical sizes are much closer to common lead-acid batteries for easy installation. Up to 4 times the service life of an equivalent lead-acid battery and up to 60% lighter than flooded, AGM or Gel cell batteries makes a Deltran Battery Tender Lithium (LiFePO4) battery the obvious performance choice. It can be mounted in any direction and has no lead, no acid and no explosive gasses during charging. Certified for safety, transportation, household, and commercial use.

Don't forget your lithium battery tender/charger!

Please note: These batteries have an Over Voltage Protection (OVP) mode to prevent the lithium cells from being damaged. When in OVP mode, the bike can still draw current, but it cannot charge the battery. Once the battery discharges to a lower level, OVP mode is automatically disabled. These interruptions in the load/filtering of the 12V DC supply can be problematic with the security system on some Harley Davidson models and may cause other issues with other bike makes, depending on the bike's electronic system. Please consult with your motorcycle manufacturer about compatibility before installing.



Capacity Watt Hrs Equivalent
to lead acid
BTL09A150CW 150 A 2.5 Ah 32 Wh 7-9 Ah 0.57 kg
BTL12A270CW 270 A 4.5 Ah 57.6 Wh 10-12 Ah 0.91 kg
BTL14A300CW 300 A 5.0 Ah 64 Wh 14-18 Ah 1.04 kg
BTL20A360CW 360 A 6.1 Ah 78 Wh 18-20 Ah 1.25 kg
BLT24A480CW 480 A 8.0 Ah 102.4 Wh 26-35 Ah 1.54 kg


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