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30-19891 Polished brake lever for 1993-1996 KX125/250, KDX200/220. OEM 46092-1177/78/1186. Same as 30-19871
30-19832 Polished clutch lever for 1985 onwards KX60 and 2000-2007 KX65. OEM 46092-1047
30-32926 GP Clutch lever for 1990-03 KX250, 1990-1996 KX125, 2000-2005 KX125, 1990-2003 KX500
30-32941 Polished brake lever for 1988-1992 KX/KDX, 1988-1993 KX80. OEM 46095-1148. For black, see 30-32945 Also fits 1989-1995 RM250/RMX, 1997 DR
30-32945 Black brake lever for 1988-1993 KX and KDX. OEM 46095-1148 (polished version see 30-32941) Also fits 1988-1992 RM/RMX/DR
30-32991 Polished brake lever for 1997-199 KX125 and KX250. OEM 46092-1191
30-73752 Pair of black short GP levers for Yamaha/Kawasaki/Suzuki. Fit 32-73700 sets. Uses perches 34-73801 and 34-73802
30-19832 Polished clutch lever for 2000-2007 RM65. OEM 46092-1047
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Kawasaki Off Road/Dirt - Emgo Brake and Clutch Levers, Assemblies and Brackets

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A cheap alternative to OEM parts.

Click on the pictures below for fitments of levers (pictures are in order of the stocklist below - check the numbers on the thumbnails).

Levers ending in odd numbers are brake levers.

Levers ending in even numbers are clutch levers.

Clutch perches begin with the numbers 34-

OEM, where available, is stated in the lever descriptions.

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